Welcome to the Mike & Manny Cowboys Ski Camp

Mike and Manny grew up watching their families make a lot of tough sacrifices to help them chase their ski racing dreams.

They know there are a lot of other young ski racers out there who are dreaming those same dreams today – but like Mike and Manny did – are watching their families make some tough financial decisions to keep their dreams alive. There is true power in pursuing ones dream that can lift up the individual and the community around them. With this, the cowboys ski camp has evolved from its modest roots of providing an off-season camp to financially challenged ski racers to a camp focused on the character of the individual first and financial position second. This has proved to bring together a great mixture of talented, passionate, enthusiastic and financially deserving young athletes for four days of sharing our knowledge and passion of ski racing.

Our goal

To provide a financially free ski camp for young ski racers who are enthusiastic, passionate and demonstrate a love for ski racing at a pivotal point in their careers when costs, commitment and competitiveness rises. To create an environment for the athletes, coaches and volunteers to experience the possibilities of their own dreams. Most importantly, our goal is always to have fun!

Saying Thanks

This is their way of saying thank-you to everyone who helped them reach their goals – their parents, their coaches, their supporters, their sponsors and especially the countless volunteers who keep our sport rolling in every weather condition imaginable.

Your generous donations and support help keep our Ski Camp 100% Free.

This camp is free of charge to athletes; we provide travel, food, lodging, ski passes and of course coaching.

We love our sponsors