The Mike & Manny Foundation Story

In 2006 Manuel Osborne-Paradis (Manny) started the Get Up and Go Award, offering one boy and one girl $500 each to help in their efforts to pursue their ski racing dreams.

The following year Mike Janyk joined in, which created the ability to support four athletes. In the summer 2007, Mike and Manny while rooming together at the airport hotel in Santiago, Chile, after a ski camp in Portillo, Manny turned to Mike and said “Mike, it’s time to do more.” With this notion, they began discussing options on how to give back in a greater way then their current bursaries.

Over the next few hours a loose vision was created to provide an all expense paid ski camp for young ski racers who are not able to afford an off season camp. They chose to offer this for kids entering FIS, the age when costs and time commitments become greater to pursue your dream. “We will bring our passion and experience of the World Cup to the kids and have four days of fun.” From this the Cowboy’s ski camp was born and every year since, they've had the fortune of their sponsors and supporters continually believing in them, allowing more opportunities to grow in favour of the young racers.

Mission: To provide financially free opportunities for youth to discover themselves through sharing our passion of skiing.

Slogan: Believe. Experience. Know. All is possible.

Vision: The pursuit of a dream is made available to everyone.

Values: Giving, Fun, Inspire. Connect to the youth with these values and they will discover the fire within themselves to pursue their own dream.

Our Team

Mike Janyk

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in West Vancouver where I competed in tennis, soccer, baseball, and of course spent a lot of time in Whistler playing on the mountain with my family. At the age of 13, I moved up to Whistler so my sister and I could pursue our skiing careers more seriously. This made it easier to skip school to go train on Thursday and Friday, haha.

My move up to Whistler was when I started to spend more time on the mountain then off and began to have dreams of becoming an Olympian and World Cup ski racer. I moved my way through the whistler mountain ski club, to the BC ski team, the Canadian development ski team in 2000, and then on to the World Cup circuit.

I currently live in Vancouver although I’m always making the short drive up to Whistler to hit up some Mt. Biking, hiking, to hit the lakes, and overall to relax out of the city. But mostly I spend my days traveling on the road with the ski team. My life is lived out of two big duffle bags from hotel to hotel… for now it’s a great life!


Manuel (‘Manny’) Osborne-Paradis was born on February 8, 1984 at the Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, B.C. where his Grandfather was Chief of Surgery. He grew up on the North Shore of Vancouver and began skiing on Whistler mountain at age 3. At the age of 15 he moved to Invermere, B.C. to ski with the BC Provincial Ski Team and fell in love with the mountain town.

Manny, as he is known by friends and fans alike, made the Canadian National Alpine Ski Team in 2004 and began competing on the World Cup Circuit. He competed for Canada at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy and placed 13th. His first world cup podium was at the Bombardier Winterstart Downhill at Lake Louise on November 26, 2006, he finished in second place which brought his Step Dad Bill to tears.

His first world cup victory was on March 6, 2009 at Kvitfjell, Norway when he won the downhill. He followed his win with a 3rd place in the downhill the next day. To date, Manny has 6 world cup podiums. He is well-known for his fun-loving personality and ability to befriend just about anyone! His hobbies include surfing, mountain biking and golf. He loves to be outdoors and enjoys spending as much time as he can with family and friends.

Nick Cooper - Head Coach

From Day one Nick has been the expertise as an actual ski coach for our Cowboys ski camps. Ski coaching as his profession, Nick has coached with the Canadian National World cup technical team, Whistler Mountain ski club, Fernie alpine racers and currently is the Men’s head coach of the BC Ski team. Raised in Kimberley and lives in Whistler, Nick is an integral part to creating a professional training environment for all the kids who attend our camp.

We love our sponsors